Membership of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine (ADKV) is open to Kunstvereine with official non-profit status that can prove a minimum of three years of quality programming conducted in the civic spirit of traditional Kunstvereine.

Kunstvereine considered for membership include those

  • dedicated to the communication of contemporary art and whose contents are in alignment with this concept
  • who strive to open up the field of contemporary art and therefore do not focus on art by their own association members,
  • that stand in the tradition of middle-class Kunstvereine and are an expression of civic engagement in the field of contemporary art,
  • that have had official non-profit status for a minimum of three years.
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Membership Details

Membership comes with rights and obligations. Framework agreements and contracts also secure economic benefits for non-profit ADKV Kunstvereine.

Framework Agreement

Service & Information

  • Periodical newsletters with funding opportunities, calls for tender/proposals/etc, competitions, legislative changes etc.
  • Contact support for individual inquiries
  • Continual developmental support for Kunstvereine, including support for those in their foundation phase
  • A consolidated listing of annual editions, catalogs and publications of individual Kunstvereine online
  • A consolidated listing of employment ads and calls for tender on our website
  • Continuing education courses and events for Kunstverein employees and volunteers
  • Data collection and evaluation for all matters Kunstverein


  • Free Admission: Every Kunstverein is obligated to grant free admission to all members of other ADKV member Kunstvereins.
  • Member IDs: The following sentence must be explicitly stated on all Kunstverein member IDs (in order to ensure free admission): "Diese Mitgliedskarte berechtigt zum freien Eintritt bei allen Kunstvereinen, die der ADKV angeschlossen sind."
  • Member Surveys: ADKV periodically collects figures and data from the individual Kunstvereine in the form of member surveys. Kunstvereine are required to fill out all forms, questionnaires etc. and return them to ADKV in a timely manner.

The benefits and services of ADKV rely on the mutual support of all member associations. For this reason, ADKV Membership will be automatically revoked with the end of the second year, should a Kunstverein's outstanding dues not have been settled before this time.

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Member Contributions


All member Kunstvereine of ADKV are subject to an annual membership fee. This fee is based on the number of members in the respective Kunstverein and is calculated as follows:

  • up to 100 Kunstverein members -> 100 Euros / year
  • up to 300 Kunstverein members -> 160 Euros / year
  • up to 500 Kunstverein members -> 230 Euros / year
  • up to 1000 Kunstverein members -> 335 Euros / year
  • up to 2000 Kunstverein members -> 430 Euros / year
  • up to 2001 Kunstverein members -> 710 Euros / year

The Membership Fee Regulations can be downloaded here (PDF, German).

For Sustaining Members

To enroll as a sustaining member, individuals and companies are subject to a minimum annual fee. Any contributions exceeding the minimum fee must be individually negotiated with the Board of Trustees.

  • Natural persons  -> from 200 Euros/ year
  • Legal entities -> from 500 Euros / year


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